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Duncan is torn when the wife of one friend is killed by another friend, ho happens to be the son of a foreign diplomat and beyond the reach of law.

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original title: Diplomatic Immunity

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Duncan is torn when the wife of one friend is killed by another friend, ho happens to be the son of a foreign diplomat and beyond the reach of law. I watched this episode recently for one main reason. I am a huge fan of the Buffy/Angel universe and saw that Alexis Denisof had a role in this episode. I was curious to see him in a role outside of his BTVS/Angel character Wesley. Let's just say it was strange. While I know from his bio that he was born and raised in the US, I was always curious as to whether or not his English accent was real being he had lived in England for a period of time. Watching Alexis in the role of an American diplomat's coke-head son was weird. While the voice was the same, hearing him without the accent was very different. I don't know if was because I'm so used to the accent or his is real but at points I swore I heard an English tone to some of his lines. Anyway, I really didn't want to review this episode, just give my thoughts on one of the actors.


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Play as Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf and Sam as you battle for the fate of Middle Earth.

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In this video game based off of the film Return of the King, Aragorn and the Rohan people are saved at the battle of Helm's Deep by Gandalf the White and the Riders of Rohan. This is just the beginning as you play through various levels from Fanghorn Forest to the fiery depths of Mt. Doom. Using the Fellowship of the Ring to do your bidding, you can now decide the fate of Middle Earth forever. Play as Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf and Sam as you battle for the fate of Middle Earth. This film really works for me. The expectations were high, and it came through on many levels. I read the books 30 years ago, and it made me feel like I have come full circle now to see it transferred so brilliantly to screen. Gollum is so perfect, the battle scenes so rich, the faithfullness to the original masterpiece very true.

IMHO, this trilogy is simply a labor of love that brought the best out of everyone involved. I am 50 years old, and it made me feel those old emotions. There were some youngsters next to me weeping through the end, and I confess it brought a tear to my eye as well. JRR would have loved it. Truly a modern classic.

This belongs in that realm of my all-time top ten, with Dr. Strangelove, Schindlerâ?Ts List, and Itâ?Ts A Wonderful Life. Please let them film the Hobbit as well, just to give us the proper sense of completion. To add my personal note, I encourage everyone to actually READ the books. And you can re-read them without ill effects. A complimentary novel to read is the Harvard Lampoonâ?Ts â?oBored of the Ringsâ?, which is a satirical joy.

My rating is 9 out of 10. I would rate the three as a set, also 9 out of 10. Simply magical! The Lord of the rings is a saga underlining the importance of the very basic qualities like courage, loyalty and friendship.The Return of the King is but a fitting ending to the greatest trilogy of all times. The lord of the rings is a tribute to cinema. ROTK shows Peter Jackson's insight into the book. He deserves an applaud. The most impressive scene is that of the lightning of the beacons. This movie has an amazing cast, all of them performing at their best. The heart of the Rings is but Gandalf, performed to perfection by Sir Ian Mckellen. Andy Serkis and the Weta digital corp. deserve a standing ovation for bringing Gollum to life.The war at Pallenor fields is a masterpiece. The movie deserves 11 out of 10!


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Comic caper movie about a plan to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin by creating a traffic jam.

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original title: The Italian Job

genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Thriller



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budget: $3,000,000

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Charlie has just left prison, and now wants to do a 'big job'. The job is to steal $4m of gold arriving in Italy from China. Charlie's job needs financing, so he goes to Mr Bridger (a Mafia-type boss) who is in prison (Charlie has to break in !). In Italy, a clever plan is used to distract the authorities, while the raiders make their get-away in three Minis. This leads to an excellent car chase sequence through Italian streets, buildings, rivers, sewers, highways and rooftops which lasts for several minutes. Charlie's got a 'Job' to do. Having just left prison, he finds one of his friends has attempted a high risk job in Italy right under the nose of the Mafia. Charlie's friend doesn't get very far so Charlie takes over the 'Job'. Using three Mini Coopers, a couple of Jaguars and a bus, he hopes to bring Torino to a standstill, steal the Gold and escape. Each time I watch "The Italian Job", I become increasingly aware of the film's defects. Almost all of the characters are forgettable and sometimes unnecessary. Can anyone tell me why a shrill American girlfriend was required in swinging 60's London? Benny Hill's character seems obvious, forced and just not fun or funny. Even Noel Coward's role lends little to the film. The film also takes way too long to get to the heist. The Mafia intervention conceit is never really integrated into the heist section. And there is some very dodgy camera work even by the standard of the day.

So why do I watch the film? Michael Caine, Michael Caine, Michael Caine. He holds the whole film together. Well, him, the cars and the music. Starts and end in the Italian Mountains.

Charlie Croker, Mr Bridger, Camp Freddie, Professor Peach and other memorable characters help this film remain watchable over 30 years since it was made.

A classic, one of those which is usually shown at Christmas, and even though I own a copy of the film, like ZULU, is still worth watching time and time again. In 2008, a contest was held to find a solution, and the winning entry was: Break and remove two large side windows just aft of the pivot point and let the glass fall outside to lose its weight. Break two windows over the two front axles; keep the broken glass on board to keep its weight for balance. Let a man out on a rope through the front broken windows (not to rest his weight on the ground) and he deflates all the bus's front tyres, to reduce the bus's rocking movement about its pivot point. Drain the fuel tank, which was aft of the pivot point; that changes the balance enough to let a man get out and gather heavy rocks to load the front of the bus. Unload the bus. Wait until a suitable vehicle passes on the road, and hijack it and carry the gold away in it.

It has been pointed out that the petrol tank of that model of bus is at the back, so allowing the engine to run in neutral will burn the petrol off, reducing the weight on the back part and rebalancing the bus back on the road. Yes, but it was not made, mainly because the film flopped in the United States. According to a "Making Of" documentary, in the sequel, helicopters would save the bus seen on the cliff at the end of the first film. The grateful gang would soon discover that it is the Mafia that has saved them, and the sequel would have been about stealing the gold bullion back from them. In interviews in 2003 and 2008, Michael Caine revealed that the ending would have had Croker "crawl up, switch on the engine and stay there for four hours until all the petrol runs out... The van bounces back up so we can all get out, but then the gold goes over." The bus containing the gold would crash at the bottom of the hill where the Mafia would pick it up. The sequel would then have Croker and his men trying to get it back. A novel showing a possible sequel has just been published which starts with a bus balanced on the edge of a cliff. Don't Fear The Reaper is written by Garry Kay and is available online from Lulu.com.

An alternative source gives a sequel involving the British's eternal enemy - The French. The gold falls down the mountain and is recovered by French gangsters. Instead of mini coopers, there would be battles between Croker's team and the French involving hovercrafts (Britain's other great cool vehicle of the 60s)


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In a corporate-controlled future, an ultra-violent sport known as Rollerball represents the world, and one of its powerful athletes is out to defy those who want him out of the game.

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original title: Rollerball

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In a futuristic society where corporations have replaced countries, the violent game of Rollerball is used to control the populace by demonstrating the futility of individuality. However, one player, Jonathan E., rises to the top, fights for his personal freedom, and threatens the corporate control. The year is 2018. There is no crime and there are no more wars. Corporations are now the leaders of the world, as well as the controllers of the people. A violent futuristic game known as Rollerball is now the recreational sport of the world, with teams representing various areas competing for the title of champion. The defending championship team, the Houston team led by the determined ten-year veteran Johnathan E., is looking to repeat as champions. However, Bartholomew, the sinister corporate head, wants Johnathan to retire, even though he is the most respected athlete of his time. Johnathan's rebellious quest will not come out with complications, both for him and his teammates, after he decides to continue playing despite Bartholomew's threats. This is a film that demands repeat viewing. When I was a kid, my brothers and I used to just fast-forward all the slow, `talkie' scenes to get to the action. We couldn't understand why the whole film wasn't just composed of game sequences (a criticism also leveled by at least one reviewer on this site).

Now, having just watched the movie twice in a night, the second time with the director's commentary, I have finally got to grips with the scenes between the action, and discovered that I like it more than ever. The view of the future is not highly original; tipping its hat to the stratified societies foreseen by Orwell and Huxley, amongst others; but nevertheless the portrayal is engaging. Jewison astutely realised that only by filling in the image of the future society, the characters, and the political background against which the tournament unfolds, would the game be seen as truly REAL for the characters. In the meanwhile, he also has the chance to build suspense, upping the stakes for both the heroic gladiator/combateur Jonathon, and his would-be puppet master Bartholemew. In this way, when we come to watch the actual contests, our enthusiasm is whetted, and by making the rules progressively more dangerous with each passing game, the stakes grow ever higher.

The central themes of the movie are (i) loss-of-soul/nihilism/sensual-vs-spiritual-happiness, and (ii) individuality vs state control. Perhaps the best scenes elucidating these themes are the famous `tree killing' scene, and the conversation between Jonathon and Ella in the forest. The use of imagery and metaphor is widespread; I will mention only the terrific concept of the roulette wheel as game arena, with the players INSIDE, instead of outside; and the Circus Maximus parallel. You may draw many interesting conclusions from this about the director's and writer's intent.

My final word is: watch it once, soak up the action, and be bored by the rest. Then view it again, feel yourself in Jonathon's dilemma, experience his wrenching disappointment with the people in his life who betray him, and try to tear yourself away if you can as he is pushed inexorably to his fate in the arena of ROLLERBALL. At first glance you'd never guess the same director who did the wonderfully charming "Fiddler on the Roof" would turn around 2 years later and do the dark, dystopian chiller "Rollerball". But he did.

But in both films, we see the same powerful strategy: a complex, philosophical brain-twister beneath a deceptivly simple exterior. "Fiddler on the Roof" was seemingly a linear story about a struggling Jewish family's good & bad times. But the real meat of the story was about the conflict between old ways and new (tradition vs. progress). Here in "Rollerball" we have another seemingly linear story about an athlete in a violent, futuristic sport. But the real meat is the conflict of brutal human nature vs. suppression (again, a sort of "tradition vs. progress"). As with "Fiddler on the Roof", director Norm Jewison doesn't hit us over the head with any preachy sermon but instead leaves us to digest the situation.

"Rollerball" has the same powerful, brooding quality that we see in many of the 70s scifi masterpieces, like "THX 1138", "Soylent Green", "Planet of the Apes", "Blade Runner" (yeah I know that one was 1982), and the one that started them all, "2001: A Space Odyssey". Cold, sterile sets, disturbing situations and powerful use of silence characterize these films. By today's standards they might be considered slow, but depending on how you like your scifi, that might be right up your alley.

In a nutshell, the story is about a futuristic society that has largely done away with civilian violence. It has done this by "subsidizing" violence by way of a global pasttime: a hyper-violent sport called Rollerball. Note: as a parallel story, we learn that cut-throat corporate competition has been similarly squelched by the government creating monopolies. And thus society finds peace. Or does it? You can probably see the brilliant metaphors being woven here. This isn't an ordinary scifi romp, it's a powerful socio-political allegory. It cuts to the heart of human nature the way the great writers H.G. Welles, Mary Shelley and George Orwell did. No, you won't see a lot of laser battles, spaceships and aliens. But here you'll see an excellent example of what scifi was designed to do: comment on our current human condition by creating a fictional (extreme) scenario as a cautionary tale.

Excellent, and I mean EXCELLENT performances by James Caan (The Godfather, Misery), John Houseman (The Paper Chase, The Fog), Maud Adams (3 James Bond films), Moses Gunn (every 70s TV show from Hawaii 5-O to Shaft), and a particularly gripping performance by Pamela Hensley (Princess Ardala in "Buck Rogers" homina homina) make this an all-star powerhouse of 70s talent.

The music deserves a special mention of its own. From the opening notes of Bach's Toccata in Dm (the creepy "Dracula" theme) to Albinoni's haunting Adagio in Gm (check it out on YouTube... saddest song ever), "Rollerball" doesn't hold back.

They don't make 'em like this anymore. But there are a few modern scifi films that come close: "Moon", "District 9" and "Solaris" come to mind.

If you liked the films I mentioned in this review; if you liked the 70s classics "Catch-22" and "Coma" and "Stepford Wives"; if you like films that are both entertaining and works of art, do NOT miss Rollerball.

For laughs, after you watch Rollerball (1976), check out the remake done in 2002 ...and see how far we've come :/ The players on roller skates can use force against one another but to attack a motorbike rider or a roller skater who has fallen to the ground is a foul and punished by three minutes out of the arena. If injured a player can be rescued by medics and replaced by a substitute.


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Nugget, Underwood and Short walk to the Half-Way House after the driver purposely wrecks the stage. They arrive late at night and it is so spooky that Nugget leaves for Amarillo. Unknown to...

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When the Amarillo stagecoach breaks down near the Half-Way House, the driver, Ben Dolan, who wrecked the stagecoach on purpose, tells the passengers, Nugget Clark, a prospector; James Underwood, a retired businessman; and Hiram Short, a salesman, to walk there for shelter. They acquire rooms, but Nugget becomes uneasy and decides to leave. When he looks for his friends, he can't find Underwood and finds Short has been murdered. He arrives in Amarillo and notifies Marshal "Rocky" Lane of the murder and the disappearance. When Lane investigates, the stage-agent, Art Crandall, and the inn's owner, Frank Welch, tell him they've never before seen or heard of Nugget or his friends. When Lane learns that Underwood was carrying $50,000 in cash, he begins to suspect that Crandall and Welch aren't being truthful. Nugget, Underwood and Short walk to the Half-Way House after the driver purposely wrecks the stage. They arrive late at night and it is so spooky that Nugget leaves for Amarillo. Unknown to him, the dead body of Short is in the wagon. When Sheriff Lane comes upon Nugget and the body, he goes to investigate and finds no trace of Underwood at all. But he soon finds that Underwood was carrying $50,000 in cash and he believes the story Nugget is telling. If the writers at Republic Pictures had managed to tie up some loose ends in the story of this film this could have been one of the best Rocky Lane films that ever came out of that studio. As it is it's got some good things to recommend it.

Apparently there is some kind of elaborate scheme to rob a man traveling on the stagecoach with $50,000.00. Eddy Waller who flags down the coach and driver Roy Barcroft offers him a lift spoils the plans with an additional witness they hadn't bargained on. As it is one other passenger is killed and the intended victim disappears.

Fortunately Waller even with the dead body in a covered wagon he's driving to get away from a very spooky stagecoach station finds the Marshal From Amarillo and it's none other than Rocky Lane. Waller's story is so wacky that Lane actually takes him seriously and in due course gets to the bottom of the mystery.

Such reliable character players and western veterans like Elizabeth Risdon, Trevor Bardette, Denver Pyle and an unmasked Clayton Moore are in this film. The best thing that Marshal From Amarillo has going for it is a thrilling stagecoach chase scene, one of the best that Republic ever shot.

What the film needed was some kind of explanatory final scene as there were a lot of loose ends. But action fans will like Marshal From Amarillo.


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Atomic Eden Malayalam Movie Download

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Trapped inside an old mining complex, somewhere in the ruins of Chernobyl, a group of international mercenaries must band together to fight an army of mad men. 8 against 800, they just couldn't lose.

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Intrappolati in un vecchio complesso minerario, da qualche parte tra le rovine di Chernobyl, un gruppo di mercenari internazionali deve riunirsi per combattere un esercito di pazzi. 8 contro 800, non potevano proprio perdere. ATOMIC EDEN è un film che offre esattamente ciò che ci si aspetta, niente di più o niente di meno. Mostra con orgoglio le sue radici di B-movie sulla sua manica e decolla. Anche se la maggior parte degli attori sono relativamente sconosciuti, ci sono alcuni volti noti che attireranno sicuramente un pubblico. Le arti marziali tedesche sono in aumento Mike Moller potrebbe facilmente diventare la prossima grande cosa. La sua coreografia di combattimento è a dir poco stellare e aiuta a distinguere ATOMIC EDEN dal resto del branco. Anche se il suo ruolo è più simile a un cameo esteso, la superstar della DTV, Lorenzo Lamas, ci ricorda quanto sia solido un attore. Se sei come me, allora la presenza di Fred & quot; The Hammer & quot; Williamson dovrebbe essere tutto ciò che serve per rendere questo film una visione essenziale. Dopo anni passati sembra in piccole parti o in cammei, Williamson è in prima linea e al centro e anche nei suoi settanta anni, non c'è dubbio che potrebbe ancora prenderti a calci nel culo.

Il resto del cast fa molto bene nei loro rispettivi ruoli. Ogni personaggio della squadra ha la sua specialità, che è sempre divertente. Quando tutti lavorano insieme, ogni persona ha effettivamente bisogno di essere lì e sono una parte importante nel realizzare il loro piano. Gli attori meno noti si stanno ovviamente divertendo nel film e chi no. Everett Ray Aponte, Dominik Starck, Josephine Hies, Nico Sentner (anche lui co-sceneggiatore e regista), Wolfgang Riehm (che è fantastico) e Hazuki Kato (una bella cazzona) danno personalità e diversità al quadro. Il film è teso, pieno d'azione, e un bel momento.

A volte può essere facile per i critici strappare un B-movie a parte per qualsiasi motivo. Il fatto è che i film B dovrebbero essere divertenti. Si suppone che i film d'azione di classe B realizzino l'azione. ATOMIC EDEN di Nico Sentner offre entrambi e in vanga. Scatenati e divertiti con questa entusiasmante nuova voce nel pantheon dei film B-Action. Ho visto questo film al Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Festival. Atomic Eden era chiaramente uno dei punti salienti del festival tra il pubblico. Mi è piaciuto guardarlo molto, anche se non era un orrore. Il film è veloce, pieno di una grande storia e alcune delle migliori scene di arti marziali che ho visto da molto tempo.

Fondamentalmente la storia può essere descritta come un mix tra Predator ( il primo) e Assault su Precint 13, solo senza alcuna creatura. Puoi chiaramente dire che il regista Nico Sentner deve essere un grande fan delle prime opere di John Carpenter e dei classici d'azione degli anni '80 e '90.

Alla fine della Seconda Guerra Mondiale i nazisti crearono un'arma segreta così potente, nel caso in cui se Hitler avesse perso la guerra, il fuehrer spingerebbe il pulsante e distruggerebbe il mondo intero. Tuttavia questo dispositivo Doomsday è stato perso e dimenticato durante la guerra, dormendo da qualche parte nascosto nel sistema di bunker sotto Chernobyl.Giorno corrente: un gruppo di 8 mercenari viene reclutato da tutto il mondo. Ognuno di loro è un esperto nel suo campo. Vengono assunti per prendere un misterioso carico dal sottosuolo di Chernobyl. Non ci vuole molto tempo dopo che sono arrivati ​​sul posto prima di essere attaccati da un esercito di 800 uomini e diventa uno scenario di Alamo con 8 combattimenti contro 800 per salvare l'umanità.

Ognuno dei personaggi mercenari è davvero unico e simpatico. I miei personaggi preferiti sono DARWIN - il texano (interpretato da un nuovo sorprendente comer di nome Everett Ray Aponte), HEINRICH - il sacerdote e David - il combattente. L'ultimo offre le arti marziali più incredibili che puoi immaginare. Non sarei sorpreso se Mike Möller, il ragazzo che interpretava David il combattente, diventasse la prossima grande cosa del genere. Molto simile a Scott Adkins o Michael J. White. Può essere facilmente paragonato a combattenti come Tony Jaa. Ma anche tutte le altre azioni con sparatorie, sparatorie ed esplosioni sono ben fatte senza Crappy crappy, che dà al film un'incantevole "Old School Action". sensazione. Non vedo Fred Williamson da anni in un ruolo da protagonista. STOKER il leader è stato il suo primo ruolo da protagonista memorabile in un film d'azione da Original Gansters o From Dusk till Dawn nel corso della giornata. Ha fatto bene nell'Eden atomico e ha dimostrato che a 77 anni può ancora prendere a calci in culo e uccidere i cattivi mentre fuma un sigaro. Vale la pena guardare il film solo l'intera chimica tra Fred e Mike. Lorenzo Lamas è co-protagonista come il cattivo principale alla fine, ma il suo ruolo può essere descritto più come un cameo esteso. Il resto del cast principale va da buono a decente. Tranne che per l'attrice giapponese Hazuki Kato, anche così, sembra estremamente sfarzosa e può anche combattere abbastanza bene le arti marziali, la sua recitazione è solo mediocre. Ma ciò non impedisce ai produttori di lanciarla nei film d'azione. L'ho vista finora in ruoli più importanti in FALCON RISING con Michael J. White, BALLISTICA con Paul Logan e amp; Martin Kove e ovviamente anche in ATOMIC EDEN. Mi sembra che a nessuno importa se la ragazza sexy in un'azione può agire o meno. Forse è solo per me.

Alla fine, devo dire, mi sono divertito moltissimo durante tutto il film e spero di vedere altri film come quelli fatti dal regista.


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